About us

The majority of our careers have been spent working in private enterprises dealing with real people and solving real problems. 

We have witnessed some of the best leaders first hand, who truly inspired us, and we have worked with leaders who constantly failed to get the best out of their people. We learned from the great ones and tried to avoid the mistakes of the not-so-great ones. Our leadership experience convinced us of a pattern as a simple and efficient formula for good leadership.

The best part was that our jobs became more interesting and fun when we lead by prioritizing  the feeling of safety and the healthy version of busy. Because everybody wants to succeed and be the best they can. And feeling safe gives the courage to do so. 

Put differently: Unclean and unsafe leadership is a very costly affair.

We decided to put good leadership on an easy formula, combining research experience in organizational behavior and leadership with 15 years of top management. This gave a unique concept: A condensed model making good leadership simple and efficient, keeping a practitioners mindset.  The concept of Fire & Shield was born.

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Our Mission

​We started the journey of Fire & Shield with a mission statement of making companies great and great to work for. The financial crisis sparked a time where greed and fear prevailed and determined the outcome of too many crucial  business decisions. Higher competition and more strict purchasing patterns has increased the pressure on organizations. There is no free ride. As a result, the work environment in many organizations have worsened with too many employees paying too high a price every day, from burn-out to bore-out.or just shutting down their humanity. The argument is often financial, yet we have numerous cases showing that when you make your people shine, your financial performance improves.

We truly believe that leadership in the 21st century has to be different from that of the past to drive long-term performance and growth. We need to assume that we employ intelligent, capable people and when we bring out the best in each of them the company thrives. 

We want to show the world that there is a simple and efficient formula for good leadership. That there is no excuse for poor or demotivating management because we present an easy to apply and highly viable alternative: Leading through Fire & Shield. 

Our Profiles

Johnny Sorensen has 25 years of leadership experience; 15 of which he lead as CEO of small and midsize companies in Denmark, Holland, and Italy. This is combined with a M.Sc. in Economic Analysis. He has always turned red figures into black ones, or single digit growth rates into double digits, having multiple turn-around processes on this resume. As a consultant he often does interim management using Fire & Shield himself because it is so efficient. This way he also keeps our concept updated and tuned. 

Elize Langeland Dimare has a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and corporate management as well as a M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and an Executive MBA. This is combined with 20 years of working in direct and indirect leadership, the past 10 years in senior management roles. She is often the bridge between theory and practice, often conceptualizing the observations we make in the field. Her professional strengths lie in leadership training, analysis, motivation, addressing issues one on one, and building teams.

Sofie Bæk, Junior Consultant, is studying Communications Management at CBS, and helps us organize workshops, web, SoMe as well as challenging our views and bringing the perspective of the next generation to the table. She is bright, charming and hard working and will be happy to support you and us in delivering the best projects ever.

Associated Partners

​​Glenn Jacobsen, Associate Partner, has a master in leadership and organizational development combined with 30 years direct & indirect leadership experience from both industrial companies and consulting. Of these, more than 20 years has been as a strategic advisor. He is always striving to inspire and lead our customers towards meeting their goals and create results. For Glenn, every project is about change management, leading and driving processes towards anchoring and executing on the strategy. He is a calm and able partner in any change process and a highly experience trainer.


​Marianne Egelund Siig, Associate Partner, has more than 20 years of leadership experience and an education in entrepreneurship. She has a strong background from executive HR positions and understands the challenges and pressure experienced by this part of an organization. Marianne is a trusted advisor on diversity and inclusive work environments and excels in programs on change processes, cultural challenges and strategy implementation. She is passionate and engaged in developing the people she works with.


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