Thoughts on Leadership

Meta-stable Management
If your work place is systemized through a metastable management, is it time for you to rethink the working process. If you want to create better results for the organization, you need to establish stability in the management. Start now with reading our blogpost.
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Sleep Your Way to The Top
Do you feel tired after a full week of working late and limited time to sleep? As a leader is it essential not to underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Your performance relying on a rested leader. Remember during the summer to slow down and get well rested for the next day of work.
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Bosses Being Bosses
It takes courage to master the role as a boss. Every leader know how hard it can be to exercise the authority when you do not know your employee’s reaction. It is important as a boss to take action for the team and stand up for every challenge. Bosses being bosses will guide you through the ideas about being a good boss and leave you with confidence to master the role.
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Robots Are Coming
The evolution of the technology is accelerating in front of us and AI-robots are becoming more human. Robots are developing, but how do we maintain our humanity when everyone says robots are the future? Remind yourself not to act like a robot, take a deep breath and remember robots wouldn’t be able to understand this post.
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To Politicize or Not to Politicize
Leadership is politics, and if you don’t get political to some extent, you might as well go home; if you don’t play the political game at times you will not succeed and you will not do what is best for the organization and the people in your team. But don’t despair, there are ways to be political and still be someone you like to be.
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Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
In 2010 Mario Vittone published an article to help reduce the number of children especially drowning. The point was scary as well as necessary: We cannot look for the expected dramatic signals when we are to assess if someone is at risk of drowning or not. The same thing goes for drowning at work or in work.
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What is in your Wake?
Imagine your career as a boat cruise. You are constantly looking ahead to the next destination, cruising your way forward from high light to highlight at high speed, going even greater places and shining your light. But have you ever dared to turn your head 180 degrees and take a look at what’s behind you? If we refuse to look at our past, occasionally it has a tendency to repeat itself. Face your wake and enjoy an even better journey.
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Take the Hit
In a boxing match, as in any kind of fight or controversy, it is tempting to focus on your defense. You want to block any punch that may be swung at you or worry about the potential pain of any hit that may come your way. But in boxing, as in life, focusing on your defense weakens your offense. Instead you should “take the hit” and invest your energy in your offense – not your defense.
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Mind the Gap
For most of us, our mind is our most precious, most used and most central tool for having a career and sustaining a livelihood. Yet it is also the most overworked, worn-out and least maintained tool we own. But the mind is worth preserving. The solution is deceptively simple, has been presented by numerous others, and is always in stock: Mindfulness.
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Race horses
Sometimes you end up with a racehorse on your team. They are the ones, who run fast, are 100% focused on the goal, and they never seem to lose energy, innovation or drive. But when racehorses become leaders themselves, things must change completely.
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MVL - Minimum Viable Leadership
The essence of great leadership is the same as great product development, what we call “Minimum Viable Leadership.” Digital leadership in our experience is not different at it's core. It is just denser, more concentrated, and it forces you to focus on what is truly needed in each situation.
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The Wise(r) President
Being wise at work is not always as easy as it ought to be. Too often irrational, political or habitual arguments decide the direction or the destination. Yet there is so much reward in being the wise(r) version of yourself. Even at work.
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Vice or Wise President?
Sometimes leadership ends up in the hands of someone who deserves it. Someone who is wiser that most, someone who actually knows better. Wisdom is hard to define yet easy to recognize. Maybe it's time to evaluate your own level of wisdom. Are you the VP – or the Wise President?
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Summer Flirts?
Summer time gives time to think and reflect on e.g. job satisfaction. That may lead dreams of working somewhere else. So ask yourself: What is the level of job satisfaction in my team? How likely are they to get a bit flirtatious over the summer, imagining working in a better place, with something more interesting or more rewarding, or working for a better boss?
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Clean Up Behind You
Anyone who has ever shared their home with someone else knows this fundamental truth: it is a nightmare to take over after someone who does not clean up their own mess. The same goes for the mess you inherit when you take over a team, ranging from unresolved conflicts to completely unrealistic goals.
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Power Hungry?
It can be a very uncomfortable question to ask yourself -how power hungry are you? Our hunger for power is most commonly hidden away in the shadows along with other unpleasant or negative emotions and characteristics
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Power Skills
Power is always a juicy subject. It can have a bad name and the potential to be abused, yet we can’t lead without it. Having and handling power in the best possible way is a skill, not a talent. It can be trained and tamed if we seek and allow this.
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Using Your Power
Being a leader gives you power. And if you’ve read our previous post, you know the importance of not abusing that power. The fear of abusing power should not keep us from using it because not using you power allows others to abuse it. Not using your power costs your organization money, time and people’s motivation. Power must be used and should be used – well. ​
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​ (Ab)Using Your Power
Being a leader gives you power. Power over people’s lives, happiness, careers and successes. Power over investors return on investments and client’s satisfaction with what they receive. You have the right to expand and create growth but you also have the power to reduce, to cut, to shrink. It's time to look in the mirror and determine if you ever abuse your power or just use it.
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6 Great Manners for Great Managers
Some managers just have that “touch of class”, that hard to define, yet easy to recognize “je ne sais qoui”. “It”. When it comes to leading people, good style is a key to increasing trust, collaboration and motivation, yet not as common as one would hope. The good news is that it can be learned easily. A first step could be following these 6 rules:
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The Power of Doing Things
Our legacy is defined by what we accomplish! It is not the number of strategy plans we launch or the number of meetings we attend. All that matters at the end of they day, what really shapes our legacy, is whether or not we succeed in executing on those strategies and visions.
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True Heroes are the Ones You’ve Never Heard Of
The true heroes of any successful organization are the ones nobody knows about. They are the ones who ensure we succeed daily. They keep us from failing, help us put out fires, and educate and inspire. They may be unsung heroes but should never be uncelebrated.
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Enjoy to endure
Enjoy all that you are and enjoy everything that you can, and it will reflect on your team. Most that really “made it” have one thing in common, that beats luck, talent, skills, training and network: “Stick-to-it-ness.” They persevere, they pick themselves up after defeat and they endure. ​
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Celebrate 2017!
It's the end of the year, the time when managers are making plans for the new year, barely pausing to review how much we've accomplished this year as we hurry to get through the last days of the year. “Forward, onward” seems to be the mantra for success and we wear it as a badge of honor. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a better ROI for your team than taking the time to celebrate the victories and thank everyone for their contributions.
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Busy being busy?
Moment of truth: Are you wearing "busy" as a badge of honor? Maybe it is not a coincidence that the words ”busyness” and ”business” are so close. Could you be so busy and still be wasting everybody’s time and the customer’s money? Don't let busyness get in the way of business!
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Matrix of Misery
Larger corporations have embraced the matrix structure for the past 30-40 years. On paper it works perfectly. Sometimes it actually works as intended. The true benefit is, however, that everybody has something to say and nobody is fully responsible. There is always somebody else to blame if things go wrong.
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Employing a Dead Horse?
Sometimes you have that person on your team who isn’t really up to speed. Who isn’t living up to your expectations and constantly coming short. Deep down inside you know that things will never work as well as you may hope or wish for. You are "beating a dead horse". Or employing one to be more precise.
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Ironman for leader?
Having an ironman on your resumé sends a strong and powerful signal. You are able to set hard targets, push yourself beyond human boundaries and deliver the promised results. The ideal leader. Or so we think. If you are dragging yourself through the experience, just doing it because you feel you have to, don’t. There is no proof it makes you a better leader so only do it for yourself.
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Push less - get more
The heat is on, pressure is building and deadlines are approaching and its tempting to just pass on the pressure from above. However, like any traffic planner will tell you, during rush hour, if everybody goes a little slower queues and accidents are less and everybody arrives sooner and safer at their destination.
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Do I have to care to care?
Caring can’t be faked. But you don’t have to care to care. You just have to learn to care. And if you can’t care from your heart, care from your head. If you can’t see your employees as people, see them at least as assets. Because your concern for them will increase the value of your investment, so care about the investment. ​
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