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Have you ever felt you could do a little bit better as a leader? Or that your team's performance would really take off, if you made just a few adjustments?  Well, start today!​

Fire & Shield is about the essence of performance. It will teach you how to get the most out of your team without reaching a breaking point, because Fire & Shield is a balanced approach that teaches you to combine Fire (a challenging sense of urgency) with Shield (a sense of security).

Our book presents a proven leadership method with immediate real life applications. You can read it on the go and you will understand when to use your different management tools. We get to the point quickly and leave you inspired and ready to rethink the way you lead your team to get a higher performance without people burning out.

Get the Fire & Shield book now. It will change your leadership style forever. 

Available in ibooks (see link below) or in hardback. 

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Book in Danish

Our book, Fire & Shield, is also published in Danish at Varius Publishers, under the title "Når ledelse skaber succes - Fire & Shield" (When Leadership Creates Success - Fire & Shield).

Get the book now - see the links below.

"I just finished reading the book a second time and it's totally inspiring to me. Usable from day one and just the motivation I have been looking for. I have read many books on leadership, but nothing that made sense so quickly, both internally and externally".​

M. Karlsen, Sales Manager


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Fire & Shield Articles in Berlingske

Interested in reading our articles about modern​ leadership?

Check out these three danish articles from Berlingske and learn about our thoughts on leadership.

"Robust Employees is a Question of Leadership".

Searching for robust employees in stead of creating robust workplaces is being evasive. And a mockery of leadership as an independent discipline.

Stress and "robustness" is not an individual task - it is first and foremost a question of the right leadership.

​See our piece in Berlingske Business, a leading Danish business journal, challenging the tendency to turn stress and stress prevention into an individual issue and neglecting the overall responsibility of leadership.

Click for full article (in Danish)

If you only read one book in your career about leadership,

let this be the one​.

Review of our book

"Når ledelse skaber succes - Fire & Shield"

Our most recent book on the Fire & Shield methodology, "Når ledelse skaber succes - Fire & Shield", was just reviewed in Berlingske Business (Danish business paper).

We are very proud to be characterized as a "well-founded candidate for a brief, practical and highly inspiring handbook of leadership with several intriguing punch-lines to the many aspects of leadership"

Full review (in Danish)

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