Results delivered with Fire & Shield.

Declining sales reversed to double digit growth figures in six months.

For six months Johnny Sorensen worked as interim Sales Director for a small high-tech company. By using our Fire & Shield leadership approach, he replaced corporate depression with optimism, and declining sales with double digit growth figures.

Knowledge intensive company tuned leadership

A smaller company in a knowledge intensive advisory trade faced the classic challenge: Senior executives have the highest expertise and create the majority of company revenue. So leadership is "after hours" and a costly affair. We helped reorganizing and tuning the leadership to a form that creates higher profits and less strain for all - executives and employees. 

Helping investors see the light.

A small start-up company with a unique lighting product was suffering and the investors were ready to pull out. But a seven month project proved how much potential was present and a revised, revitalized version of the company came about - with happy investors.

Fashion company takes the runway.

A privately held fashion company moved from first division to Premier League using Fire & Shield at top management and middle management level. Over a two year period, the company turned rapidly declining sales into double digit growth rates

Building a top performing team from four departments.

An industrial company formed a new product department merging four different areas. Over the course of 12 months, it became a high performing team with motivated employees, delivering amazing results while keeping moral high. Two years later this resulted in the strongest product portfolio in the industry and a market leader position.

The stories are made anonymous and generalized for the sake of our clients. There are many other inspiring cases from real companies, with real people, facing real challenges.

Contact us, we would love to share them.

"Fire & Shield is a unique way of working that creates value from the first day. I have seen how it brings about immediate changes in companies and the way they work. The result has always been better jobs and higher profits".

Lasse Kjær Hansen, Director and CEO

Areas of Expertise

Leadership is necessary and beneficiary for every trade. Here are some examples of industries and segments we have worked with:

  • Bio-tech
  • High Tech & Military
  • Accounting, Law & Consulting
  • IT
  • Construction Suppliers
  • Mechanical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Medical/Health Sector

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