Fire & Shield Concept

Fire is exciting; it engages and challenges people. 

Shield makes them feel safe through  honesty, communication, and transparency.

You have to create both Fire & Shield - in equal amount!

Could it really be that simple? Yes.

We have witnessed far too many great plans come to nothing. 

We have seen far too many talented leaders become just another manager down the hall, forever hunted by executives, boards of directors, stock prices, or sales figures. 

We believe that all of us can develop into amazing leaders who see our plans materialize while people around us grow, if we want to! 

We have developed the concept of Fire & Shield and written the book about it.

Curious and eager to start? Here are some cues:

Building Shield in your organization is not about job security. It is about being employable; not doing the same thing day in and day out, but about knowing why you do things, why they change in the short term, and what changes may come in the longer term.


Building Fire is not about anxiety, but about excitement! It is about being challenged. Fire represents knowing you are accountable for your performance and that your colleagues and your boss expect the very best of you.

If you feel safe, you can cope with change and challenges and grow accordingly. If you feel others count on you to excel, you will dare to leave your comfort zone and reach for the stars.

Feel both and you are unbeatable!

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"I just makes so much sense to me. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't figure this out myself, and in the beginning I wondered if it really could be that simple. But after learning Fire & Shield I have to ​acknowledge the effectiveness of it. The results are quick and lasting."

Fire - Burning Platform

Fire enforces upward movement in a company; a controlled pressure to deliver more than you imagined possible.

Creating "a sense of urgency" is a known prerequisite for organizational change.

​​Shield - Safety and Protection

The presence of common sense and clear expectations create a basic sense of safety.

This promotes a feeling of being shielded against unjust, irrational, and overly emotional decisions or behavior​.

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