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New course the January 7th 2020

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Are you good at taking care of yourself? Or are you, a busy, ambitious

leader, project leader or indirect leader, better at taking care of

others? Where and when do you charge yourself?

Maybe you are one of the many leaders, we meet again and again, who spend all their energy in one business day, so your own battery is close to flat at the end of the day?

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Maybe you are one of those, everyone else takes their energy from, but you forget to put your own power in plug?

It is at least a challenge we face over and over again when we work with leaders. You probably know the story about how “you must always put your own oxygen mask on first”. It is just hard to incorporate in a busy plan….​ And maybe your own battery is completely down after a long day?

Fire & Shield therefore launches a new exclusive course focusing on SHIELD (protective leadership) and especially SHIELD’ing yourself.

The focus is not just to slow down, but to maintain your inner peace while everything around is hectic. It is initially a day course that is held January 7th.

Target Group: This course is mainly directed at anyone with leadership responsibility, project management responsibility or in a position using indirect, influential leadership. You take deadlines super seriously and have high ambitions for yourself, your team and your colleagues. We will work with practical tools to increase and maintain your own power during your work days.

The day of the Course: This day is an investment in getting the best out of yourself as a leader by protecting and conserving your energy throughout each work day. This will provide you with more days of coming home with energy left rather than being completely drained after a day of work. The program is a combination of techniques to SHIELD yourself and to SHIELD those you work with without giving away your own energy. The day is a combination of theory, teaching, and physical exercises so you get both what to do, how to do it and what it feels like when you do it.

The primary teacher is Elize Dimare, leadership expert, author, advisor and Ph.D. in organizational development. The physical exercises are taught by Martin Delfs, independent advisor and a highly experienced yoga and mindfulness instructor.

The essence of the Fire & Shield methodology is, that all of us perform best when being both challenged (FIRE) and feeling safe (SHIELD) at the same time. As leaders we must therefore create a frame that balances FIRE and SHIELD to get the ”best performance” for everybody on our team. Every day. This also applies to ourselves. If we don’t SHIELD ourselves we won’t get the necessary balance for ourselves and we will lead from a deficit rather than a surplus.

Program for the day (9-16)

9:00-11:00: SHIELD’ing yourself and keep your power all day

The morning is centered on teachings and exercises concerning SHIELD’ing yourself during your work day. When and how can you charge? How can you secure a greater personal efficiency by starting from a position of “surplus”? How do you create a daily schedule where you still deliver on all your tasks without draining yourself?

Everything is practically oriented with examples combining theory and practice.

11:00-13:00: Physical Exercises and lunch

Rather than theorizing the physical element, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to actually feel the difference. Your nervous system is the cornerstone of a day of feeling charged. Most exercises will be supported with stretches specifically designed to calm and boost your nervous system. All exercises can be done independent of physical form, flexibility and training experience.

Shared lunch is included

13:00 – 15:00: SHIELD’ing others without being drained

The afternoon program is about how to look out for others in a way where you don’t work yourself too hard. You will learn how to lead from a place of energy surplus rather than abusing yourself to protect others.

15:00-16:00: Mindfulness, questions and closing the day.

We finish with a mindfulness exercise, time for questions and a proper closing of our day together.

Sign-up by email. Payment by invoice. Price DKK 3.900 ex VAT.

Early-bird price (payment before december 1st) is DKK 2750 ex. VAT

Notice: By signing up for this course you also give permission for pictures and video being taken during the day and to give a short statement afterwards for marketing purposes. (Pictures can be taken from behind if you don’t want your face in them. Just let us know).

We have a strict no-refund policy for this course, but cancellations are offered a 1:1 session (1hr).

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