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Welcome to our spring newsletter

2019 has so far been a combination of exciting new projects and customers as well as continued business with existing customers. We have been working with some highly skilled professionals of all ages and career stages, and again we must conclude that all of the people we work with were great at what they did even before we met them. We don’t turn bad leaders good, we make good leaders even better, regardless of whether they work with direct or indirect leadership. Below is a mix of what we’ve worked on, a case study, a few new initiatives and as always a simple leadership tip.

Top Tip: Become someone worth following

Sometimes we have the opportunity to speak in places where we can inspire the next generation of leaders. A room full of Rotaract members in Copenhagen joined Elize on a Thursday night to hear about the Privilege of Leadership and how to become someone worth following. Anyone who says millennials don’t care about leadership or best performance was not present that evening. Inspiring questions, honest presence and barely anyone on their phones, and even though we went over time the questions about how to handle real dilemmas kept coming. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Worlds most sustainable company combines Occupational Health and Change Management

Chr. Hansen, the global bioscience company, was ranked as the most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights at the World Economic Forum this January. Part of this is due to a long-term commitment to occupational health. The Health and Safety organization are change agents, they fight tirelessly to keep integrating occupational health within the overall corporate culture.

Elize was invited to speak and inspire the entire Danish Occupational Health organization about their role as drivers of cultural change processes.

We are thus supporting our overall message that leadership is everywhere and anyone willing to make a difference may undertake it. Thank you for a great day.​​

Happy Camper at Presidents Institute

Over the past five months, Johnny has been on another full-time interim CEO assignment. We love going back to hands-on-leadership which is the core of Fire & Shield. It is at times like these that we have the opportunity to test our methodology — validating our position as leaders helping leaders rather than consultants with only limited or very distant practical experience.

Johnny’s current task is to reorganise and create a profitable business together with the new ownership and a fresh perspective on executive networks. The first real test will be the upcoming Summit, May 7th, in a new location and with speakers that focus on leadership content.

Click here for the full agenda:

We look forward to sharing with you more of the results in a coming newsletter

Case: Re-cutting your diamond

​One of our clients, let’s call him Bob, was a Project Leader at senior executive level in a Large International Company. Despite a seemingly great job in an interesting organization and some tough work/life-balance-choices he still felt he had more to offer. Partly because he felt passionately about improving what he thought could be changed for the better, and partly because leadership just runs in his veins. He had suggested some structural changed with little risk and a great potential upside, yet for some reason the VP above him couldn’t hear it. And here the story of Bob’s career could have plateau’ed like so many others.

We came across Bob through our network and he shared his story. After that he decided to do a 1:1 Leadership Mentoring program with us. The first session was focused on getting Bob off the defence and back on the offence. What can you do? What will you do? And how are you leading upwards to help your VP shine? One year later Bob is now a VP himself, charged with executing on the plans he devised and building an organization to make it happen.

In a mature state of our careers we may think we have plateau’ed and settle for status quo. But double S-curve careers do exist. And maybe yours is just getting started?

New initiatives: Talent Development and Personal Leadership Efficiency

Leadership is at the core of everything that we do, and this spring we launched two new initiatives in this direction. This January we started a day course in SHIELD with a primary focus on shielding yourself as well as your team.

The core content is personal leadership efficiency from being able to charge yourself through the day. This way, you lead others from a surplus rather than a deficit of energy and model the best behaviour.

The course sold out in only four weeks, and the next class (Aug. 27th) only has three spots left at this point. If you are curious or interested in a seat check out​(Danish) or​(English)

Working with young leaders is an eternal source of joy and inspiration. Learning good habits early on makes for a long career of best performance and happy employees ahead, as opposed to having to unlearn bad habits halfway through and missing out on 15 years of best achievements.

As such, we have for a long time, wanted to launch a Talent Development Program that still lived up to our core values of tailored programs and dense, nudged learning in concentrated modules with 2-5 weeks in between, yet providing something more than what we can give. We have therefore partnered with recruiter and former HR manager Birgit O’Sullivan and designed a program that combines profiling, 360 degrees feedback and intensive leadership training.

The program consists of 5 half-day modules with a maximum of 6 participants at a very reasonable price. If you or someone you know is curious about it, there is more information here

Leadership Tip: Do you know the true sound of discontent?

Do you sometimes feel surrounded by people who voice dissatisfaction and disagreement? Does that ever get you frustrated or annoyed, or maybe lead you to interpret the infuriating pointing out that which could be better as signs of demotivation or discontent? Indulge us for a second and assume these people have good intentions and maybe even a point, and then consider for a yourself if there is some truth at the core of the message. Sometimes it is a gift to the team to voice that which doesn’t work or that which could be better. While the “no-cap” can often get in the way of progress, the “yes-cap” can often get in the way of succeeding with change or reaching the goals we set. Too much unbiased, unquestioned enthusiasm may drive a process, but it rarely steers it in the best direction.

As infuriating as complaints and disagreements can be, just remember that those who voice a wish for change are still engaged. They are on board and want to make things better, albeit their sometimes unfortunate timing and choice of words. The true sound of discontent and demotivation is silence. The sound of people who couldn’t care less whether we go in one direction or another. Indifference kills more great ideas than complaints.

Happy spring to all of you.

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