2018 Highlights​

2018, was a fantastic year filled with challenging tasks, many new clients and a lot more work.

In short, this year:

  • We trained more than 75 leaders in smaller teams or 1:1 and every one of you progressed on your leadership journey.
  • We’ve been invited to speak at various prestigious events such as “WonderTech”, “Copenhagen Tech Festival”, #Ledelse2018 and the Technical University of Denmarks leadership course TEMO.
  • Johnny did two exciting interim CEO jobs, one of which is active rignth now
  • Elize conducted well over 200 interviews as well as training and a new course on indirect leadership
  • We facilitated multiple workshops with leadership teams and middle managers.
  • Our new clients range from Pharmaceutical companies and C20’s to start-ups and small caps under reconstruction. It's an exciting mix that keeps us sharp every step of the way.

Thanks again!

Sharpen the Axe

A fun, inspiring and slightly different opportunity is our course for “Leaders between jobs” which is now a tradition with Gentofte Jobcentre, under the title “Leadership boost - sharpen the axe while you have the time”. It is one of the training sessions which we run, where we are challenged the most, given an audience of highly experienced leaders which enough time and energy to test our views and models every step of the way. It is inspiring to see how far we can get with three modules of 3,5 hours and a team of 25 people.

This year, a small team even chose to continue the training in a Leadership Enhancement Circle, paying out of their own pockets without a steady income. What a great compliment!

Fire & Shield in Danish

Another major achievement in 2018 was to fulfil a long-time ambition of publishing the Fire & Shield-book in Danish. Last week, “Når ledelse skaber success – Fire & Shield” was published by Varius Business, under the title “When Leadership Creates Success” – Da: Når ledelse skaber succes – Fire & Shield.

​The book was launched at one of the most significant leadership events in Denmark, “Ledelse Der Styrker”, the Engineering Society’s leadership conference. Here we were also presenting to a room full of leaders, sharing our views on how leadership can create success in real life organizations.

Learn more about our books here

Leadership Tip - Celebrate 2018

It may seem trivial, but our experience is that most leaders rarely take the time to look back, reflect on the year that just passed but instead they like to focus on the year to come.

While we all need to move forward, we still recommend to finish the year with brava and celebrating what was done, if only for a moment.

So challenge yourself (together with your team) to list all the achievements of 2018 and to honour every one of them. It only takes 20 to 40 minutes and trust us, that the time is well invested as it gives you and your team the opportunity to reflect, energise and go home for the holidays with a great sense of achievement.​​

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