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Increase performance by bringing out the best in each individual. Fire & Shield will make you lead better to create needed changes in your company or team. 

Let us show you how. Together we improve performance.  

Everyone and every trade can benefit from using the Fire & Shield leadership methodology, but we know that each situation is unique. This is why we often end up tailoring our consulting offers to match our client's specific needs. Here are our most common offers:

The Fire & Shield Catalogue Work

The quick diagnosis of your business and leadership style. Invest a couple of hours of your time and 1-2 days of ours and we will show you the truth. The things that work well and what to adjust to increase performance. You receive your own ready-to-implement catalogue with specific action points for your business.

Performance increasing projects in your business

Perhaps you find leading your team tiresome? Perhaps the little things often cloud the bigger picture and you end up with lesser results? Let us show you how to adjust minor things to get lasting results. We do short projects as well as longer projects, and we stay with you until the promised results are there. We can even work inside your business or help you as a close advisor and guide along the way.

Leadership Training

Maybe you wonder if you could increase performance, but you are concerned that your team might burn out if you push any harder? The solution is learning the Fire & Shield concept so you know how to balance pushing with protecting; your team's performance will grow in a sustainable manner. All lessons are case-based with multiple practical examples.

Join our open courses - click to see courses -  or book a tailored course in-house.

Individual Leadership Training and Mentoring

Every person is unique and some of us learn better in a 1:1 environment. We guide you, train you in the Fire & Shield techniques, and spar with you on the challenges you are facing. All is hands-on with specific cases from your daily work. 

See Individual Leadership Training for a suggested programme

Leadership Booster - tailored to your requirements

Train your leadership muscles before they come out of shape. Tune your team and your interaction with them before they burn out or get demotivated. Let us create the perfect programme for you and your team that suits your specific challenges and needs. Start with a kick-off workshop to inspire and initiate change and add leadership training, workshops and 1:1 follow-up for the programme that optimizes your budget.

Interim Management

This is the ultimate hands-on training where we become part of your company for a while. We have extensive experience in interim management and are more than willing to share some of our cases with you.

In interim management fast results are of the essence. That's why we always apply the Fire & Shield method ourselves in these cases. This is also your guarantee that we know what we talk about and to stray from the course of being practitioners

Talent Development Program

Your role as a manager is to make your team shine. When they shine, you shine. With this talent program, your talents will be recog­nized by you thru an individual career focus aiming at accelerating their growth.

The program combines the best of practical leadership experience, the latest people development practices and a solid theoretical foundation. 

Click to see the Talent Development Program

Resent feedback from workshops (anonymous):

​"Provocative - the cool way!"
"Inspiring and definitely worth the time. Amazing that
these simple changes can make such a difference"

”Jeg oplever Fire & Shield som et stærkt ledelsesværktøj til at skabe et performance drevet team, med både gode resultater og høj trivsel. Jeg har oplevet ledelsesundervisningen som værende af ekstrem høj kvalitet, altid relevant, situationsbestemt og tilpasset mit behov for at udvide værktøjskassen. De opretholder den meget fine balance imellem at være både støttende og samtidig skubbende til mit mindset.”

Ninalouise Rasmussen,

Nordic Head of Marketing & Commercial Development, HARIBO Nordics

"I am in awe with the Fire & Shield concept and way of thinking. ​ When I test it by focusing on it in my daily work I can really feel how well it works. We all spend money to further develop our leadership skills, but very rarely something that works like this and seriously change things".

Morten Karlsen, Sales Manager

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