The Wise(r) President

Being wise at work is not always as easy as it ought to be. Too often irrational, political or habitual arguments decide the direction or the destination. The wise choice may seem too difficult and we opt for easy, yet less wise decisions. Even when we know better, we are tempted to think short-term over long-term. During the financial crisis with massive lay-offs, some companies chose to pay to ensure their employees would keep their health insurance despite working and being paid less. Such a decision may not be smart short-term but it’s definitely wiser than losing the loyalty and motivation of your team.

Diversity is another example of making wise choices over easy choices. While short-term it’s faster and simpler to work alongside someone just like yourself, it limits the different angles and perspectives and increases the risk of wrong decisions. Since your customers tend to be diverse, the wise choice is to have your workforce mirror this.

We believe you’re capable of making wise choices, raising the bar on yourself, and thinking long term over short term. Be the wise version of yourself. Even at work.