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How would you like to improve your teams performance through better leadership? To convert non-productive time to leading efficiently? Something that is easy to implement in your own company? Something that works immediately? 

We help you be the star who creates results through others!

Allow us to show you a simple and efficient path to being the best leader possible: A hands-on method that works from the first day! Because you increase performance and earn more money when you bring out the best in each individual in your teams. Simple as that. 

Whether you are new leader or more seasoned this will take you to the next level!

Latest Thoughts on Leadership

MVL - Minimum Viable Leadership
The essence of great leadership is the same as great product development, what we call “Minimum Viable Leadership.” Digital leadership in our experience is not different at it's core. It is just denser, more concentrated, and it forces you to focus on what is truly needed in each situation.
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The Wise(r) President
Being wise at work is not always as easy as it ought to be. Too often irrational, political or habitual arguments decide the direction or the destination. Yet there is so much reward in being the wise(r) version of yourself. Even at work.
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Vice or Wise President?
Sometimes leadership ends up in the hands of someone who deserves it. Someone who is wiser that most, someone who actually knows better. Wisdom is hard to define yet easy to recognize. Maybe it's time to evaluate your own level of wisdom. Are you the VP – or the Wise President?
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Summer Flirts?
Summer time gives time to think and reflect on e.g. job satisfaction. That may lead dreams of working somewhere else. So ask yourself: What is the level of job satisfaction in my team? How likely are they to get a bit flirtatious over the summer, imagining working in a better place, with something more interesting or more rewarding, or working for a better boss?
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The Fire & Shield mindset

will transition your organization into it's golden age by learning to balance two key team leadership traits: being challenging, and being protective.

​Presented in the simplest manner possible, we give you a 21st century leadership framework that exceeds expectations. You will learn the secrets that great leaders know intuitively, brought to you in a easy to digest, no nonsense, ready-to-use form.​​

​Stop thinking about leadership in terms of either hard or soft approaches, and start thinking in terms of winning combinations. With the Fire & Shield mindset, you will strengthen your team and grow your business through challenge and protection.

​Curious? Learn more about the Fire & Shield Concept here

Ledelse der styrker

(Leadership that strengthens)

​We are immensely proud and honored to be invited to speak at Denmarks largest leadership conference:


The programme is centered on Leadership in the Digital Age and how to increase performance while leading under new circumstances. You will learn how to achieve sustained "best performance" and create success through leadership in the digital age.

This is a great opportunity. Hopefully we can inspire some of you there!

ida ledelse der styrker

"Robust Employees is a Question of Leadership".

Searching for robust employees in stead of creating robust workplaces is being evasive. And a mockery of leadership as an independent discipline.

Stress and "robustness" is not an individual task - it is first and foremost a question of the right leadership. 

​See our piece in Berlingske Business, a leading Danish business journal, challenging  the tendency to turn stress and stress prevention into an individual issue and neglecting the overall responsibility of leadership. 

Click for full article (in Danish)

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Top management and research put together:

Johnny Sorensen has 25 years of leadership experience; 15 of which he lead as CEO of small and midsize companies in Denmark, Holland, and Italy with an impeccable track record.

Elize Langeland Dimare has a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and corporate management  as well as an Executive MBA, with 20 years in direct and indirect leadership roles.

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