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How would you like to improve your teams performance through better leadership? To convert non-productive time to leading efficiently? Something that is easy to implement in your own company? Something that works immediately?

Allow us to show you a simple and efficient path to being the best leader possible: A hands-on method that works from the first day! Because you increase performance and earn more money when you bring out the best in each individual in your teams. Simple as that. 

The Fire & Shield mindset will transition your organization into it's golden age by learning to balance two key team leadership traits: being challenging, and being protective.​

Latest Thoughts on Leadership

Meta-stable Management
If your work place is systemized through a metastable management, is it time for you to rethink the working process. If you want to create better results for the organization, you need to establish stability in the management. Start now with reading our blogpost.
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Sleep Your Way to The Top
Do you feel tired after a full week of working late and limited time to sleep? As a leader is it essential not to underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Your performance relying on a rested leader. Remember during the summer to slow down and get well rested for the next day of work.
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Bosses Being Bosses
It takes courage to master the role as a boss. Every leader know how hard it can be to exercise the authority when you do not know your employee’s reaction. It is important as a boss to take action for the team and stand up for every challenge. Bosses being bosses will guide you through the ideas about being a good boss and leave you with confidence to master the role.
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Robots Are Coming
The evolution of the technology is accelerating in front of us and AI-robots are becoming more human. Robots are developing, but how do we maintain our humanity when everyone says robots are the future? Remind yourself not to act like a robot, take a deep breath and remember robots wouldn’t be able to understand this post.
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​Presented in the simplest manner possible, we give you a 21st century leadership framework that exceeds expectations. You will learn the secrets that great leaders know intuitively, brought to you in a easy to digest, no nonsense, ready-to-use form.​​

​Whether you are new leader or more seasoned this will take you to the next level! ​ Curious? Learn more about the Fire & Shield Concept here

“Impressive results in very short time through minor adjustments of my leadership style. The most effective leadership development program, I have participated in through my career”.

Tim Walther Bay, Director, Novo Nordisk Biopharmaceuticals

”In my opinion, Fire & Shield is a strong leadership framework to enforce a performance driven team, with both great results and highly balanced people. In my experience, the leadership training is of very high quality, always relevant and adapted to my current situation and the needs I have in the moment to expand my leadership tool box. They maintain the very fine balance between being supportive and at the same time pushing my mindset when needed.”

Ninalouise Rasmussen,

Nordic Head of Marketing & Commercial Development, HARIBO Nordics

Review of our book

"Når ledelse skaber succes - Fire & Shield"

Our most recent book on the Fire & Shield methodology, "Når ledelse skaber succes - Fire & Shield", was just reviewed in Berlingske Business (Danish business paper).

We are very proud to be characterized as a "well-founded candidate for a brief, practical and highly inspiring handbook of leadership with several intriguing punch-lines to the many aspects of leadership"

Full review (in Danish)

"Robust Employees is a Question of Leadership".

Searching for robust employees in stead of creating robust workplaces is being evasive. And a mockery of leadership as an independent discipline.

Stress and "robustness" is not an individual task - it is first and foremost a question of the right leadership. 

​See our piece in Berlingske Business, a leading Danish business journal, challenging  the tendency to turn stress and stress prevention into an individual issue and neglecting the overall responsibility of leadership. 

Click for full article (in Danish)

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Top management and research put together:

Johnny Sorensen has 25 years of leadership experience; 15 of which he lead as CEO of small and midsize companies in Denmark, Holland, and Italy with an impeccable track record.

Elize Langeland Dimare has a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and corporate management  as well as an Executive MBA, with 20 years in direct and indirect leadership roles.

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