Course Leader: General Practitioner Ditte de Churruca

Teachers: Johnny Sørensen, CEO, Cand Merc & Elize Dimare, Ph.D., MBA – Both have a lot of experience in leadership, and together they have developed the leadership toolkit Fire&Shield.

"Management for doctors in private practice with Fire & Shield™ was easy to access and could be used straight away. It is low-practice and very effective, and we have seen a positive difference in our everyday life right from the start"

Læge Anders Wraae
Lægerne Victoria

Leadership for Practice Owners

You are trained to be the best possible doctor. But are you trained to lead your practice effectively?

Do you want greater balance? Higher income, more free time, or both? You decide. When leadership becomes simple and effective, you can see more patients and/or leave earlier.

The everyday life in private practice presents a multitude of challenges. You know how to handle the medical ones, but what about the managerial challenges? They can be just as crucial for how well your practice functions and for your own well-being. In fact, according to Praktiserende Lægers Organisation‘s own rapport from 2022, that 58 % of doctors constantly feel overworked. Perhaps you’re one of them?

There is no miracle cure. However, learning effective leadership with a positive outlook on people is a good start. It allows you to create time and peace to carry out your medical work and ensure the clinic’s operations. This affects both your own well-being in everyday life and the positive atmosphere among staff and patients. The method has already been tested in private practice with great success.

We look forward to helping you get there. Are you in?