Executive Leadership Program

“What got you here, won’t get you there”. This proverb highlights the importance of acquiring and updating your skills all through your career.

You probably know it’s time to lift yourself to the next level, yet fitting leadership training into an executive calendar can seem impossible. The solution is something that is tailored to you and your challenges.

Our Executive Leadership Program consists of five modules of 2 intensive hours each and is always tailored to you and your organization. The focus is not on extensive management theories. You have the knowledge you need – you just need to re-organize it and re-activate it. We believe in teaching simple techniques to be applied in practice on the job immediately.

With minor adjustments you will get an impressive effect and see the results in your team immediately.
The program includes a hotline to spar on specific situations as they occur. By using your specific challenges as cases, the new learning is anchored better with a more lasting effect.

Key topics

  • FIRE: Feedback focus. Ignite and activate your team to achieve concrete results
  • SHIELD: Priority focus. Prevent stress in your team and maintain high motivation
  • Stay updated on the latest leadership trends within your industry and learn to use them to your advantage
  • All eyes on you: Fine-tune your leadership profile and style with care
  • Balance the external and internal responsibilities as a CEO

A dedicated hotline for continuous support

A 100% personalized program tailored to your role and company

Benefit from our templates derived from 45 years of leadership experience

A shortcut to succeed in your leadership

Your investment:

Our program is available for individual leaders and as an internal program with 5-10 leaders.

Individual Program: 49.500DKK + VAT for 5  modules 1:1 training.

Location: We offer training at your preferred location, whether at your premises, ours, online, or a combination.


Meet Your Instructors:

We are Johnny Sørensen and Elize Dimare, the driving force behind the program. Together, we bring over 45 years of practical leadership experience. In addition to our roles as advisors and leadership trainers, we regularly assume interim leadership positions, ensuring our skills stay finely honed and allowing us to apply our theories in real-world scenarios.

We have extensive experience being and collaborating with leaders at the highest level. Therefore, we understand how busy one can be, how many decisions need to be made, and how heavy the responsibility can be. Precisely for that reason, we recognize the importance of sparring, broadening horizons, and seeking new inspiration to avoid getting stuck in old routines.

At Fire & Shield™, it’s just the two of us ensuring you receive personalized attention and focus, making you a significant customer from the start. 

"Impressive results in very short time through minor adjustments of my leadership style. The most effective leadership development program, I have participated in through my career"

Tim Walther Bay
Vice President of IT Operations at ATP