Leadership Program for Experienced Leaders

”Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Abraham Lincolns’ immortal words underlines the importance of constantly upgrading and updating our skills as leaders.

Maybe you are one of those leaders, looking to take your leadership to the next level, with maximum effect and minimum time invested?

Maybe you wish to boost your leadership but find it hard to engage yourself in a large seminars and take full days away from your office. If so, our Individual Leadership Boost is just for you.

Tailored to fit your needs and schedule, we adapt the program to address your challenges. We can meet at your office or our facilities, and we provide a hotline for you to receive support whenever a situation arises.

Key topics in the programme

  • Leading leaders, true delegation and acting through others
  • Leadership challenges: Remote work, specialists, millennials, FOMO, diversity and personal branding
  • Efficient communication, tailored to the receiver
  • Next level stakeholder management
  • FIRE Tools: Feedback Focus. Ignite and activate your team to drive for results.
  • SHIELD Tools: Prioritization Focus. Preventing stress in your team and keep motivation high
  • The best version of you as a leader

A Program Customized 100% for Your Company

Say goodbye to heavy leadership theories, theoretical cases, or hypothetical examples that seem disconnected from your reality.

Our program is centered around you and your unique challenges.

The focus is not on extensive management theories. We activate your existing knowledge and help you structure it while teaching you simple techniques to be applied immediately. We focus on “how” to lead, not just “what” to do. You will use your own specific challenges as cases. This anchors the new learning with a more lasting effect.

The essence of the Fire & Shield™ methodology is, that all of us perform best when being both challenged (FIRE) and feeling safe (SHIELD) at the same time. As leaders we must therefore create a frame that balances FIRE and SHIELD to encourage the best performance from everybody on our team.

A dedicated hotline for continuous support

A 100% personalized program tailored to your role and company

Benefit from our templates derived from 45 years of leadership experience

A shortcut to succeed in your leadership

Your investment:

Price: Our program is available for individual leaders and as an internal program with 5-10 leaders.

Individual Program: 40.000DKK + VAT for 5 a modules.

Location: We offer training at your preferred location, whether at your premises, ours, online, or a combination.


Meet Your Instructors:

We are Johnny Sørensen and Elize Dimare, the driving force behind the program. Together, we bring over 45 years of practical leadership experience. In addition to our roles as advisors and leadership trainers, we regularly assume interim leadership positions, ensuring our skills stay finely honed and allowing us to apply our theories in real-world scenarios.

We are familiar with the journey and how important it is to develop leadership talents, even when you already have a lot of experience. It’s at this juncture that we may become blind to our own mistakes. We provide coaching and guidance, aiming to inspire and encourage your growth as an individual and as a leader.

"We have used Fire & Shield™ for education, training, and alignment of our management group. This has occurred in two courses, where the goal was to create a common language and a common management agenda. It worked out really well. A common focus has been established, and from working with one's own problems and challenges, there is now a clear foundation for cooperation. We have taken the first significant steps from a group of leaders to a leadership group. Now we have to carry it forward ourselves - on a solid foundation and with good tools."

Flemming Windfeld