In the end there is only one way to judge our work: The results we create for our customers. Building lasting changes, increasing profit and happiness at work is how we measure ourselves.

Below are some of the results delivered with Fire & Shield, presented as brief descriptions made anonymous and generalized for the sake of our customers. Some of them might sound too good to be true but they are and we are happy to do the same thing for you.

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Areas of expertise

  • Bio-tech
  • High Tech & Military
  • Accounting, Law & Consulting
  • IT & Solution Management
  • Construction Suppliers
  • Mechanical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Medical/Health Sector
  • Fashion Industry
  • Furniture and Interior Design Industry
  • NGO
  • Shipping Industry

"Fire & Shield gives you the recipe for inspiring people to reach great results while looking out for them and making them feel safe. And that is exactly what great leadership must be about."

Alexander Kjerulf
Chief Happiness Officer, Woohoo Inc & Happiness@work

Business Performance Projects
& Interim Management:

Declining sales reversed to double digit growth figures in six months. For half a year Johnny Sørensen worked as interim Sales Director for a small high-tech company. On paper it seemed impossible, because the team were starting to loose faith. By using our Fire & Shield leadership approach, he replaced corporate depression with optimism, and declining sales with double digit growth figures. 

Knowledge intensive company with a fine-tuned leadership. A smaller company, in a knowledge-intensive consulting industry, faced the classic challenge: Senior executives had the highest expertise and created the majority of company revenue. So leadership was “after hours” and a costly affair. We helped reorganize and finetune the leadership which created higher profits and less strain for all – executives and employees. 

Helping investors see the light. A small start-up company with a unique lighting product was suffering and the investors were ready to pull out. But a seven month project proved how much potential was present and, as a result, a revised, revitalized version of the company came about – with happy investors.

Leadership Development:

300 leaders setting a new course. A large industrial company wanted to drive cultural change and profitable growth through leadership development. Over a course of two years we trained the entire leadership community enhancing their capabilities in change management and leadership to drive cultural change and profitable growth. We facilitated events focusing on the latest leadership trends, providing an updated toolkit and organizing collective workshops include training, theory, practical exercises, and inspirational speeches. This ensured a shared language and a strong executionpower throughout the organization. 

New leader hacked the learning curve. A newly appointed leader decided to take the road less travelled and get 1:1 leadership training immediately. Over the course of 5 modules, 2.5 hrs each over 4 months and custom-made to her needs and business challenges, it accelerated her leadership carrer and helped her define her own leadership style. Her team’s performance went up, frustrations went down, all of this paved the way for her next career move. Three years later her career is still excelerating and she keeps from success to success.

New leadership team turning the ship around. A production company had a new leadership team at the helm of a large scale turnaround. They used a custom-made leadership program as the best and most efficient way to enable them to lead and inspire change while building a strong team. During 5 modules of 3 hours each over a period of 5 months, they set a new course and started turning the ship around – together as a team.