Leadership for guiding people. Improve performance by bringing out the best in each person.

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The Fire & Shield concept
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Commercial Fire & Shield (DK)

Leadership for guiding people

Fire & Shield™ is a leadership framework tailored for the future, that acknowledges the need to generate long-term performance and progress. This approach requires you to operate on the belief that your staff is talented, capable, and essential to the organization’s success. The Fire & Shield™ method is an efficient formula for great leadership, and ensures no excuses for outdated or misguided mangement. The key is to balancing challenge with protection, while increasing both and is a proven method for taking your organization to its golden age.

Get custom leadership training for your team’s performance and profitability with Fire & Shield.

Our hands-on methods work from day one and bring out the best in each team member.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned leader, Fire & Shield can take your skills to the next level. 

"In my opinion, Fire & Shield™ is a robust leadership framework to ensure a performance-driven team with excellent results and balanced individuals. It is my experience that the leadership training is of very high quality, always relevant, and tailored to my current situation and the needs I have at the moment to expand my leadership toolbox. They ensure a delicate balance between being supportive and pushing my mindset when necessary."

Ninalouise Rasmussen
Marketing & Category Director, Harboe Breweries

About us

Fire & Shieldwas founded in 2010 by Johnny Sørensen and Elize Dimare to spread the word of our concept of Fire & Shield– a simple leadership formula prioritizing feeling safe and maintaining a healthy drive. All our work is based on our own extensive leadership experience in combination with research and updated leadership theory. We strive not just to be consultants but leaders helping other leaders. By regularly taking on interim leadership assignments we are reminded of what hands-on leadership is truly like.

Our mission

At Fire & Shield™, we strive to make companies great and great to work for. We believe leadership is the key to performence, wellbeing and success. In the face of tough times and increased competition, many employees are suffering from burn-out, bore-out, or losing their humanity, while organizations performance plummet. Our experience shows that when you prioritize your people, your financial performance improves. Let us show you how to handle the pressure and improve your company’s performance.

“Fire & Shield™ is a unique way of working that creates value from day one. I have seen how it brings about immediate changes in companies and the way they work. The result has been a better job done and higher profits.”

Lasse Kjær Hansen
CEO & Owner, People 4.0. and Qeep AS

Fire & Shield™ Concept

Fire & Shield™ introduces an innovative leadership paradigm, seamlessly integrating engaging strategies (FIRE) with security-enhancing tactics (SHIELD).

This forward-thinking approach is meticulously designed to elevate leadership practices by establishing a nuanced balance between challenge and support and teaching you how to thrive with a high level of both.

Through the strategic fusion of FIRE and SHIELD, organizations forge a resilient foundation for growth and success, fostering a workplace culture where demands and safety integrate seamlessly.

Experience the transformative power of Fire & Shield™ – a proven methodology to navigate the complexities of modern leadership with precision and effectiveness, and improving preformance by bringing out the best in each person.

FIRE - Burning Platform

FIRE enforces upward movement in a company; a controlled pressure to find your inner passion and deliver more than you imagined possible.

Through action, healthy feedforward and inspiring motivation you create change through “a true sense of urgency”, that is both viable and liveable. 

SHIELD - Safety and Protection

SHIELD promotes a feeling of being shielded against unjust, irrational, and overly emotional decisions or behaviour, by building trust. 

Through honesty, common sense and clear expectations you can create a basic sense of safety and a space where you can be your true self.

"In my opinion, Fire & Shield™ is a strong candidate for one of the leadership methodologies of the future."

Lars Juhl
Founder & CEO at Bounce Development

Building SHIELD in your organization is not about job security. It is about being employable; not doing the same thing day in and day out, and knowing why you do things, why they change in the short term, and what changes may come in the longer term.

Building FIRE is not about anxiety, but about excitement! It is about being challenged. Fire represents knowing you are accountable for your performance and that your colleagues and your boss expect the very best of you.

If you feel safe, you can cope with change and challenges and grow accordingly. If you feel others count on you to excel, you will dare to leave your comfort zone and reach for the stars.

Feel both and you are unbeatable!

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"The immediacy, intuitiveness, and simplicity of the Fire & Shield™ method is something that resonated immediately with me. Not only as a leader but also as a colleague, parent, partner, friend, and member of society. The method affects you as a human being. It makes you responsible, but without the burdensome feeling of having to take responsibility. Instead, it empowers you while insisting on the balance between actions, deliveries, human understanding, and empathy, cultivating the self-respect we all deserve."

Mürvet Sahin
International Lawyer

"It just makes so much sense to me. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't figure this out myself, and in the beginning I wondered if it really could be that simple. But after learning about Fire & Shield I have to ​acknowledge its effectiveness and the difference it makes."

Søren Dige
Owner & CEO, WellB ApS

Who we are

Fire & Shield™ is all about business leadership that works in real life. All our trainers have a minimum of 10 years of practical leadership experience. That’s how they can put your situation and challenges into perspective.

We match the team to suit the task and recruit the  skills we need from our extensive network.As a result, we have a core team of dedicated professionals who help us help you.

Elize Dimare

CEO & Founder
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Johnny Sørensen

CEO & Founder
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We match the team to suit the task and recruit the  skills we need from our extensive network. As a result, we have a core team of dedicated professionals who help us, help you.

Peter Agergaard

Associate Partner
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Marianne Egelund Siig

Associate Partner
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