Transitioning Successfully from Specialist to Leader

The leap from being an experienced specialist to a less experienced leader can be significant if you’re not adequately prepared. You have to balance leading your former colleagues while still handling tasks that require your full attention.

Our tailored leadership program ensures you make this transition seamlessly, helping you avoid major pitfalls and kickstart your leadership journey on a strong note.

Across five modules, you will gain insights into:

  • Distinguishing between good and bad leadership
  • Effective time planning and prioritization
  • Leading your former colleagues with authority and empathy
  • Conducting important (and challenging) conversations
  • Leading both upward and downward within the organization

"In my opinion, Fire & Shield™ is a strong candidate for one of the leadership methodologies of the future."

Lars Juhl
Founder & CEO hos Bounce Development

Navigating a Role Full of Contradictions

Your new position is brimming with contradictions. What once made you an exceptional specialist might pose challenges in your role as a leader, especially if you have to switch between these two roles.

The Great Specialist
The Great Leader
Is exceptionally detail-oriented
Concentrates on the big picture
Has all the answers
Asks all the right questions
Excels at independent task-solving
Excels in delegating tasks and responsibilities
Takes the lead confidently
Prioritizes empowering the team
The Great Specialist
The Great Leader
Is exceptionally detail-oriented
Concentrates on the big picture
Has all the answers
Asks all the right questions
Excels at independent task-solving
Excels in delegating tasks and responsibilities
Takes the lead confidently
Prioritizes empowering the team

Transitioning into a role filled with contradictions can be challenging, particularly when your responsibilities still involve acting as a specialist.

In this program, we offer guidance and equip you with the essential tools for a successful start. 

Throughout the journey, you’ll apply your newfound knowledge in practical scenarios, receiving constructive feedback for continuous improvement. Additionally, a direct hotline ensures immediate access to a sparring and advice whenever needed.

Learn to Navigate Your New Role

In your leadership position, you will be dealing with business goals, KPIs, stakeholder management, and relationship building.

Our program provides insights into aligning expectations with your superiors, clarifying what defines success as a leader. We delve into understanding what contributes to your boss’s success and guide you in effective ways to interact with colleagues and team members.

A Program without Heavy Theories and Hypothetical Cases

This program is customized to your specific role within your company, addressing your unique challenges. You won’t encounter extensive leadership theories or discuss hypothetical cases unrelated to your new responsibilities.

Our approach is 100% focused on you and your company. After each session, you’ll receive practical exercises that can be applied straight away. During our follow-up meetings, we’ll discuss your experiences, highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement.

We aim to help you bypass years of steep learning curves, ensuring you start your leadership journey on a solid foundation.

"I am in awe with the Fire & Shield™ concept and way of thinking.When I test it in my day-to-day business routine, I can really feel how well it works. We all spend money to further develop our leadership skills, but very rarely something that works like this and seriously change things."

Morten Karlsen
Regional Sales Manager, PPG

Your investment:

Price: Our courses take place either individually or as internal courses with 5-10 managers per team.

Group Program: 150.000 DKK + VAT for 5 modules (excluding individual sessions) for the first team. 115.000 DKK + VAT for the following teams with the same program.

Individual Program: 35.000 DKK + VAT for 5 modules, 37.500 kr. for 6 modules

Location: We offer training at your preferred location, whether at your premises, ours, online, or a combination.

Elevate your leadership skills – reach out and learn more

A program customized 100% to your role and organization

Our personal templates from 25 years of leadership experience

A well-tested shortcut to succeeding in the leadership role

A dedicated hotline for constant support and guidance

Meet Your Instructors:

We are Johnny Sørensen and Elize Dimare, the driving force behind the program. Together, we bring over 45 years of practical leadership experience. In addition to our roles as advisors and leadership trainers, we regularly assume interim leadership positions, ensuring our skills stay finely honed and allowing us to apply our theories in real-world scenarios.

We understand the challenges of trainsitioning from specialists into a leadership role because we have been there ourselves. We also have multiple clients that face similar challanges. We recognize how crucial it is to have a robust toolset to assist in navigating through this transition and in building a solid foundation for future work. With great tools by your side, you can achieve exactly what you desire.

What a Program Could Look Like:

Module 1: Transitioning from Specialist to Leader

  • Understanding the distinction between a specialist and a leader
  • Leading a team of specialists
  • Embracing the player+coach role
  • Defining the characteristics of effective leadership
  • Introduction to the Fire & Shield™ method

Module 2: Taking Control & Prioritization

  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for yourself and your boss
  • Developing a business plan, setting goals, and defining KPIs for your department
  • Efficient planning and prioritization of personal and team tasks
  • Cultivating a CEO mindset, emphasizing responsibility, and effective delegation
  • Introduction to selected Fire & Shield™ tools

Module 3: Communication & Feedforward

  • Crafting a shared vision and effectively communicating it
  • Mastering essential conversation techniques, feedback, and feedforward
  • Tailoring communication to different personalities within your team
  • Focusing on the core elements of leadership communication
  • Embracing continuous improvement, feedback loops, and swift action

Module 4: Stakeholder Management

  • Building relationships through stakeholder management
  • Conducting stakeholder mapping exercises
  • Leading within the organization and collaborating with colleagues
  • Establishing effective communication channels across different levels
  • Leading upward by aligning with your boss’s goals and profile
  • Navigating internal, external, and international communication

Module 5: Consolidation, Support, and Recap

  • Strengthening the application of acquired tools through collective collaboration and experience-sharing
  • Reviewing prioritization, delegation, and planning
  • Exploring additional professional content, such as:
    • Negotiation techniques encompassing mapping, ZOPA, BATNA, and win-win strategies
    • Questioning techniques, encompassing reports, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd position approaches
    • Diversity & inclusion, addressing unconscious bias
    • Embracing a nomadic mindset (transforming changes into opportunities)
    • Utilizing agile tools
    • Understanding personality types and effective communication