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With us you are never just a number or a client.

You are a valued customer, a partner in taking you and your team to the next level. That’s why everything we do is custom-made to your needs and your organization. Great leadership inspires great performance, and we’ll help you every step of the way in whatever form you need.

Reach out and let us show you how.

Speaks and keynotes

Need someone to inspire your team to start the journey for next level? Look no further.

Whether it’s 30 or 90 minutes, you will get a boost combined with practical hands-on examples and tools you can use immediately.

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I am in awe with the Fire & Shield concept and way of thinking. ​ When I test it by focusing on it in my daily work I can really feel how well it works. We all spend money to further develop our leadership skills, but very rarely something that works like this and seriously change things.

Morten Karlsen
Sales Manager

Fire & Shield have shown immense energy and commitment throughout the entire process, with a deep felt wish to improve our leadership capabilities. They kept the enthusiasm, drive and the high quality through the entire project. I don’t remember having worked with external consultants before that has taken so much ownership on all levels.

Ingo Schallé
Head of HR Development DK, MAN Energy Solutions.

Aligning and motivating your team increases performance. Whether you want to move from red to black figures or from single to double digit growth, we will be there with you. Leadership is key to unlocking the potential in your organization.

Fire & Shield Snapshot – Face Reality. Do you have the courage to face your true challenges? Are you tired of pseudo-work, wasting time solving the wrong problems? We give you a quick diagnosis of your business and leadership style, showing you what to keep, what to change and how to do it. Output: Your own ready-to-implement Top 5 Action Plan.

Performance Increasing Projects in Your Business.Are you getting the best performance from your team every day? Often minor adjustments will get you lasting results. We do short and longer projects, staying with you until the promised results are there. We can even work inside your business or help you as a close advisor and guide along the way.

Individual Leadership Training and Mentoring. 5 modules of 2-3 hrs is all it takes. We’ll train you in the specific areas you need, at either your office or ours. Based on your skills and strengths we’ll guide you through minor adjustments to your leadership style with a major effect.

Boost Your Management Team. Are you leaders performing their best and working together as a strong team? Let us design the perfect program optimized to your specific needs and budget. Your team will stand united with a strong boost in leadership, teamwork and motivation

Leadership Cources. General courses in leadership. All training is case-based with multiple practical examples. Join our open trainings or design a custom-made training in-house.

Leadership Acceleration (New Leaders). As a new leader, it is tempting to just learn as you go, making mistakes and correcting them along the way. But why not get a steeper learning curve? Through recognizing your talents and your challenges, we guide you through the jungle of conflicting demands and pressure from all sides, accelerating your growth. 

This is the ultimate hands-on training where we become part of your company for a while. The perfect solution when you have a specific challenge, need support in a turnaround process or just need someone to bridge a gap between two senior positions. We have extensive experience in interim management and are more than willing to share some of our cases with you.

Fast results are of the essence in interim management. That’s why we always apply the Fire & Shield method ourselves in these cases. This is also your guarantee that we know what we talk about and do not stray from the practice of being practitioners.

The journey from vision to reality can be hard and long. Maybe you need to revise or remake your strategy, or maybe you are struggling to make it happen. We will help you move from ideas to action and ensure that you deliver on your promises.

When strategy, execution and leadership training are aligned all through the organization, the sky is the limit. Reach out and let us show you how.