Leadership Program: Evolving from Individual Leaders to a Unified Management Team

Transition seamlessly from a collection of leaders to a cohesive management team that collaborates effectively. Our program transforms you from individual contributors to a harmonized team.

Armed with practical tools, we enhance your leadership capabilities and foster a shared language, empowering you to address challenges together — big or small — directly in your daily responsibilities.

The outcome is the cultivating of a shared leadership vision, facilitating the collaborative execution of your strategic goals.

Common Pitfalls Within Your Team of Managers

Having a group of skilled leaders doesn’t automatically translate into a well-functioning management team. You might encounter common pitfalls such as:

  • Lack of focus on collective goals
  • Siloed teams instead of cooperative team dynamics
  • Great plans but poor execution
  • Avoidance of important but complicated conversations
  • Fear of challenging each other
  • Lack of courage to try new initiatives

… Does this ring a bell? Then, you might be more of a group of leaders than a cohesive management team.

In such cases, you may spend too much time on internal politics, exhibiting reluctance to necessary changes, and facing challenges in execution.

Together, we can craft a blueprint for effective leadership and shared values tailored to your organization. Once we establish a baseline for effective leadership, everyone will find it easier to act as a unified team.

Tailored program for your management team

Guidance from instructors with 45+ years of combined experience

Training provided to numerous leaders over the years

Direct hotline for personalized advice

Establish a High-Performing Management Team that Delivers on Key Initiatives

As leaders, you are consistently tasked with managing a multitude of responsibilities. The challenge now lies in effectively allocating your time, both on an individual level and across the entire organization.

Together, we can chart a course for prioritizing projects across the entire organization.

A Customized Program Tailored to Your Company

Our entire program is designed around your specific needs and the practical implementation of those needs. Throughout the program, we’ll guide you through hands-on leadership tasks, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge and collaborative techniques in real-world scenarios.

This approach means that theoretical cases and complex leadership theories, which you might have encountered elsewhere, will be set aside for another time.

Our focus is on your company and its leadership dynamics.

Throughout the program, we will delve into:

  • Establishing a unified set of values within the management team
  • Cultivating a shared leadership culture and empowering your middle managers
  • Reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the group and individual profiles
  • Formulating and stress-testing common goals, translating them into actionable steps
  • Fostering a dynamic, action-oriented culture


Leadership, shared values, and action plans are, indeed, the cornerstones of effective team-building, generating value right from the start.

How It Works

The program is tailored to your preferred pace and can unfold over a duration ranging from three to nine months.

We suggest commencing the program with individual onboarding conversations to maximise its effectiveness. This initial step allows us to gain insights into your perspectives, personalities, and values, laying the foundation for a more customized experience.

We recommend incorporating individual sessions throughout the program’s duration for optimal results.

To achieve the best outcomes, it is beneficial for the management team to convene between three and six times during the period. These meetings can be structured as full-day sessions or, for instance, as 26-hour gatherings with an overnight stay.

Price: The cost is flexible and depends on factors such as the size of your team, the number of modules you choose, and whether you opt for additional individual sessions

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Meet Your Instructors:

Meet Johnny Sørensen and Elize Dimare, the driving force behind the program. Together, we bring over 45 years of practical leadership experience. In addition to our roles as advisors and leadership trainers, we regularly assume interim leadership positions, ensuring our skills stay finely honed and allowing us to apply our theories in real-world scenarios.

Having been part of leadership groups ourselves, we understand firsthand the positive impact of a well-functioning team and the negative effects of dysfunction. At Fire & Shield™, we work to ensuring you receive personalized attention and focus, making you a significant customer from the start.

"We have used Fire & Shield™ for education, training and alignment of our management group. This has happened in two courses, where the goal was to create a common language and a common management agenda. It worked out really well. A common focus has been created and from working with one's own problems and challenges, there is now a clear basis for cooperation. We have taken the first big steps from a group of leaders to a group of leaders. Now we have to carry it on ourselves - on a good foundation and with good tools."

Flemming Windfeld