Leadership Training

Take the shortcut to next level leadership!

Improved leadership skills benefits all trades and all levels of an organisation. None of us can stay on top of our game without constantly updating our knowledge. 

We will be happy to custom-make the content to you and your company or arrange a course in-house.

- ​"Provocative - the cool way!"​
- "Inspiring and definitely worth the time." ​
- "Amazing that these simple changes can make such a difference.

Recent feedback from workshops

"Thank you for some really great and inspiring days. Your concept is accessible, applicable, easy to understand, and great to communicate. You are skilled educators, work well together and I really felt how you have the experience it takes."

Sanne Olsen, Director
Insight Consult - Strategy and Innovation

Leadership programs

Improved leadership skills benefit all trades and all levels of an organisation. We can’t stay on top of our game without constantly updating our knowledge. Training with us is a proven shortcut to your next level leadership.

All our programs are tailored to your needs, strengths and challenges and can be adapted as either individual or team trainings. If you don’t find the right match for you or your organisation please reach out to us here, so we can find the perfect solution.

Individual Leadership Programs. Take your leadership to the next level the most efficient way with a program custom-made to your needs, schedule and challenges. The perfect solution for busy managers who wish to skip past full-day courses and large groups in order to focus on the learning needed right now. 5x 2-3hr modules is all it takes. We meet at your office or our facilities, and we include a hotline for you to get feedback anytime a situation occurs. We activate your existing knowledge and help you structure it while teaching you simple techniques that can be applied immediately.

Regardless of seniority, you’ll find a program that matches anyone, from the newly appointed leader, to experienced managers and executives.

Best Performance Leadership. Learn to create even better results by bringing out the best in each person on your team. Modern leadership is creating a delicate balance  between performance and preventing burn-out and frustration.

This course provides a short-cut path to experience for newer leaders and a fine tuning for the more experienced leader. All modules are highly practical, packed with examples and focused on the “how”.

Best Performance Leadership is a 4-module course, over 4 days during 3 months.

Indirect Leadership. Learn to create even better results through deliberate indirect leadership. This course is for anyone who creates results through influencing, project management and staff functions without formal management authority.  

Learn to navigate in a role where you depend on line managers’ support and be able to converge the organization around your agenda and tasks in a manner that enforces your authority, creating both progress and trust.

Indirect Leadership is a 6x 3 hour module course, over 4 months.

Shield Yourself – Efficient Personal Leadership. Learn to shield yourself and your team. Within a hectic daily life, it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself and maintain your inner calm. This full-day course is for leaders looking for practical tools to increase and keep their own power during their work day. The focus is on providing you with practical tools to SHIELD yourself and your team and colleagues without giving away your own energy.

Shield Yourself is a full-day course.

Boost Your Leadership. Stress is spreading as an epidemic, with high costs for people and organizations. Unfortunately, many stress cases are rooted in misguided leadership. But you can change this. By adjusting your leadership style, you can create a robust environment for the benefit of all. BONUS: Robust companies are generally more attractive employers and more profitable.  

Boost Your Leadership is a full-day course.

Leadership for Practice Owners. Leadership in practices can make the difference between feeling a surplus of energy and always chasing your day. Pressure is everywhere but it can be  managed  throughout the day. We have extensive experience helping practice owners run a smoother business, generating surplus for employees, clients and the owners themselves.
This is relevant for doctors, primary care private practitioners, physiotherapists and dentists.

For Danish primary care doctors, it is possible to get a refund from the Foundation for Primary Care Practice.