Artificial Leadership

The scare of Artificial Intelligence is frightening, but we believe that AI is matched by an equally grave danger: AL, Artificial Leadership.​

​Robotization of the workplace affects every human, including leaders, yet in this matter there is no point for being an early adopter. We increasingly become distanced from the people we work with. We often use technology as the excuse when in fact it is us, as users, who are to blame. Simon Sinek is quoted for saying: “100% of employees are people. 100% of customers are people”. And we may add: 100% of leaders are people”. Or at least we should be.

Leadership is about creating performance and engagement in equal measures. It is not about filling out forms, ticking boxes, hiding behind screens or sending a certain amount of emails. It can only be done well by humans. If your leadership style lately has been de-humanized, it is time to reverse the trend.​

Artificial Leadership happens every time someone in authority says something to an employee that is insincere, unauthentic or diminishing. It comes into play whenever you choose not to be present when you are with those you have authority over. It is not about the choice of media but the way the media is applied. It is when you go with the rules or the policies without thought or compassion, when your only explanation for rules is “well, that’s just how it is”.​

An artificial leader is easily replaced by a robot. We have met leaders where the robot might actually be an upgrade from emotional outbursts, favor-trading and boss’s friends or favorites getting all the benefits. But we have faith in you. You have the opportunity to ensure the survival of a vulnerable species approaching the endangered classification: The great homo sapien leader.