Key topics:

  • Indirect leadership using Fire & Shield™: Basic techniques and practical examples
  • Leading yourself, leading upwards and leading to the side. How to get the best out of your colleauges, your stakeholders and your key sponsors
  • Creating FIRE: How to build progress, energy and drive in any project
  • Creating SHIELD: How to build trust, safety and focus in your surroundings
  • Transcending silos and creating ambassadors
  • How to create a community working for the better of the organization
  • Combining it all, taking yourself and your leadership style to the next level

Indirect Leadership

Are you a specialist or project manager who leads others without having the formal authority? Does your work require you to influence and drive results through others without that last star on your shoulder?

This course is the shortcut to indirect leadership mastery.

More and more work is divided into projects and project management, compared to a classical hierarchical style. In such roles, we still need to navigate and lead our colleagues if we want to get results, yet we can’t use the magic word “must.” We depend highly on stakeholders and leaders above us to support our agenda, and we generally have high responsibility with limited formal authority.

We have designed the Indirect Leadership course as 6 modules of 3 hrs each, over the course of 4-5 months. It consists of small teams, max 6 participants, giving you a close support group and a sparring network that you can maintain afterwards. 

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"This is one of the few courses available which truly recognizes the importance of an indirect leadership role and how difficult it is to create results without formal management authority. Wonderfully pragmatic and easy to implement"

Karin Nykjær Nielsen
Senior Safety & Health Advisor, H. Lundbeck A/S