Could courageous kindness be your new summer style? 

Summer is upon us which often means time off, and time to reflect. This year we encourage you to consider if kindness you be your new style for the summer. It may seem controversial or in conflict with your perception of with “great leadership” looks like.
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Lion or panda?

As many of you know, one of our favorite series for leadership inspiration is the show Ted Lasso (Apple TV+). Especially season 1 holds many simple yet effectual examples of finding that “other way” to a better, more lasting solution.

The plot in short: Ted Lasso is an American football coach who is hired to coach the Premier League Football club (soccer), and of course the fans, the players, the press and almost everybody else are furious about this and gives him a really hard time. Yet he continues with great spirit, kindness and really great form, and episode by episode he wins them all over with his amazing ways. The question “Lion or Panda?” refers to the first episode where he simply answers ‘panda’. 

We are biologically and genetically programmed to think of leaders as ‘lions’: someone who takes charge, attract followers and demonstrates power and natural authority. Yet Ted Lasso inspires us to reconsider. Could kindness be a faster way to performance than power (& ego)? See for yourself. Enjoy. 

And if for some reason you assume that ‘kindness’ means that your are not consistent, or that you don’t follow up or follow through, think again. Professional kindness is just about the way you do it, when you as always honor your agreements and promises. This way that the trustbuilding becomes faster and stronger. Higher SHIELD = better performance. Simple as that. 

PS: There’s also his classic goldfish line with a simple remedy for grudge-holding:
“You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? Got a ten-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam.”

Update from us: Full speed ahead. 

We are enjoying a very busy time with new customers coming in and old customers returning, and we love every minute of it, even though we sometimes have long days. Because it is a privilege to truly enjoy your work, and to feel that what you do matters and makes a difference.

Thank you to all of you for your loyalty, your trust and continuously recommending you to other people in your network. 

Building a strong Leadership Team

One of our customers, the leading Scandinavian interior solutions provider, Holmris B8, are taking leadership and capabilities to the next level as part of executing their new ambitious strategy.

We developed a tailored 26-hour leadership training & teambuilding event for the Management Team, held in beautiful Raadvad, north of Copenhagen. Staying in the midst of an almost magic forest and a historic village, the team moved closer, took and shared lessons learned and committed themselves to the team, to their own development and to taking Holmris B8 to the next level. Together. 

A Courageous Conversation

…is also kindness. Daring to approach important subjects, giving honest but respectful feedforward and taking those tough love talks can be the greatest gift you’ve ever given someone. 

Imagine you are doing something that creates distance between you and your coworkers? But you are not aware that you are doing it. What would you prefer? To know, or not to know? 

Of course. Easy to answer. you want to know so you can change your behavior, and if no one tells you, you are robbed of that opportunity and the choice to develop. So next time you have something worth sharing, do so. 

The flip side of this is having the courage to let go of grudges in order to move forward. Sometimes the feedback you have is best left where it belongs: In the past. 

Leadership Tip: Do it anyway…

How often have you found yourself in a situation, where your sense of fairness and what felt just blocked you from doing the smart thing? 

If you, like us, tend to use arguments for yourself like “Well, I shouldn’t have to do that” or “it is not my turn to…”, the eternal wisdom of Mother Teresa might show you (as well as us) a way out from the corner you’ve painted yourself into. 

Think about it. How do you spend your energy best: Haggling over puny details and black-white principles or just doing what needs to be done? We underestimate the time, energy and mental capacity spent on complaining about others, sharing frustrations about who should do what or riding the high horse of fairness. 

Getting things done, and doing them anyway, might be the secret shortcut to a better work-life happiness.

Speakers corner!

We are extremely excited to share that we have been signed up with the booking platform Youandx. This makes us easier to book for inspirational speaks on #leadershipofthefuture and #nomadicleadership. 

Youandx is a community for speakers and specialists and makes it easy to find and book someone for (almost) any event and taste. Check out their website and spread the word 🙂

All packed?

Did you remember to bring some leadership vitamins for your summer trip?

Our local bookstore, Bog & Idé in Charlottenlund, is running a campaign with focus on local authors, so stop by and treat yourself while supporting a wonderful bricks & mortar shop. You even save a little if you buy both of our recent books. 

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