Hybrid Work Performance.

The future of work is Hybrid
A year of pandemic have passed without an end in sight. Whether on your way into or out of lockdown, the ugly truth is that the ‘good old days’ may never be and that we must adapt to moving in and out of remote work. The hybrid work environment is here to stay. In this, the key to motivation and productivity is choice. For the company and for its people. Many may miss the colleagues or the effectiveness of co-creation in live meetings, yet very few miss the commute, the office politics, and the constant interruptions.

According to remote-work expert, Lisette Sutherland, about 85% of the workforce would actually prefer a mix of office-days and home-office-days when we are allowed back. While this may be good news, the hybrid workforce is also the most difficult to lead. Yet it is the most rewarding if you get it right.

Here are 3 things to remember if you want to get the best out of your hybrid workforce:
Keep the flexibility. Trust that they can manage it. Be open to solutions.
Measure on tasks – not on hours. What matters it what gets accomplished, not how many hours people spend working.
Update the tools to make everybody feel included, having a mix of remoters and live people in a meeting.

For more insights on hybrid work environments, check out her website:

Ledership tip: Trust your Spider Sense
A strong moral compass is the best guide in times of turbulence and first. We are constantly presented with unfamiliar ethical dilemmas on both macro and micro level, as well as anything in between. Many organizations introduce training programs on diversity, inclusion, tolerance, legislation and ethics. Such programs are great and often make a difference, but imagine if they were redundant because our inner moral compasses were activated to a higher degree.

In short: Trust your spider sense. You know what is right and what is wrong. You know which path leads to greatness and makes you proud of yourself, and which path is the cheating shortcut that demises others or jeopardizes the overall interests of your organization, its owners, and its customers. Your intuition is stronger and more accurate than you think. Not your fear, not your pride, not your feelings. Your intuition. Lean into it. Tune into and turn up your spider sense and inspire everyone around you to do the same.

Webinar on Fire & Shield: Growth through Leadership
The overall purpose of great leadership is to create a sustainable strong performance. The idea of people vs profit is a fallacy, a false binary. We see again and again how organizations who focus on leadership create better results. And we would love to share the tricks with you.

Bringing together the best of our articles, webinars, trainings and books, we have boiled all this practice into a single one hour webinar (free) on how to create growth through leadership. And if you’ve participated before, don’t worry: there will be lots of new content.

Personal Leadership anno 2021: Cut, delegate or die!
In a time of hybrid work, many leaders find themselves being squeezed from all sides. Conflicts escalate easier, lack of focus. if we are not around each other to solve them, some will find less, not more, time to concentrate when working from home and that insecurity might be gnawing at you from the inside. At the same time you have to keep motivation high in the team and signal confidence, even if you don’t feel it yourself. If it sounds familiar you are not alone.

The trick is the easiest and the hardest trick at the same time: Prioritize. For yourself. For your team. And sometimes even for your boss or your colleagues. The classic pareto principle that 20% of your efforts generate 80% value still holds. Yet we’ve never been easier to distract than now, mistaking activity for productivity.
Cut as much as you can. Delegate as much as you can. Including the juicy parts with influence and decision making involved. Constant and consequent prioritization is the key to successful change management, and change management is the only management in 2021.

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