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Welcome to the New Normal.
We hope this newsletter finds you all safe and well. Right now, our last newsletter and New Year’s seem so far away. Like most other people, we had a completely different outlook for 2020 than how it has turned out so far. However, we are very fortunate to have such great and loyal customers and partners committed to continuing to work with us. Thanks to all of you for holding on to us and for the new projects you have started in this uncertain time.This newsletter is a short update on some exciting projects we have lined up and inputs and observations on how the COVID-19 situation affects leadership. As always we appreciate comments, feedback and input from you.
Leadership Tip: #leadingfromhome
The past 2 months has had a lot of firsts for all of us and we hope you will take a moment to rejoice in how well you’ve done! From relating to constantly changing regulations and guidelines to moving offices to #workfromhome, managing crisis and emotional stress over the distance and scaling business up or down.It also opened op a new leadership discipline: Leading from home. Early on we compiled 10 tips on how to lead in this extraordinary time of collective disruption, intense pressure and uncertainty. At the center of the tips are of course combining speed and decisiveness with emotional safety. Act & breathe at the same time, in equal measures.
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#newwork at MAN
We have shared stories from MAN Energy Solutions and their impressive journey of leadership and organizational transformation before. We have now moved from the first track, Energy, to the second track: Solutions. This is a tour-de-force of updated and digitalized leadership tools under the headline #newwork, allowing a 360 degree view of new leadership tools, including new workspaces, innovation thinking and revised business models. We are training 300 leaders in smaller teams over a period of 5 intensive weeks together with Talent Garden Rainmakers, who also hosts the event in their impressive facilities in Holmen, Copenhagen. Talent Garden does both innovation training and works as a co-working space for tech start-ups. Check them out.The program was paused half way through due to the corona regulations, and everybody is eager to pick it up when the authorities allow. It will be interesting to see the difference when teaching digital leadership and methodologies to the second half who’s had 2 months of practical experience working from home.Go to TalentgardenDidTheyHelp dot comThe COVID-19 crisis seems to spur the best and the worst in all of us. On one hand we’ve seen large companies developing and producing much-needed equipment for free, even those who normally don’t supply health care equipment. On the other hand, some companies have behaved in a manner that seems to make them the center of negative attention. It seems fair to conclude that how we behave in this time may build, reinforce or break our brands. Reaching out to communities, thinking in terms of shared responsibility and the long term seems to be the recipe for success. 
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A New Book in 2020: Leading In the Next Normal
It has often been said that any and all situations always hold new opportunities. It just requires us to be open to the idea. The lockdown paused some of our large group trainings and gave us time to start a project we’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time: a new book. Together with our new publisher, Birgitte from Content Publishing, we’ve scoped out a book on how to lead in the new, or next, normal. The outline is another brief, hands-on, practical book that is founded in both theory and experience. The new book uses the Fire & Shield methodology for a higher perspective on the current state of events in the world, laying out what new and classic leaderships tools will be required to thrive and grow.  The title is still undecided, and any input on the matter you may have are highly welcomed. This book will be in Danish, at least for now.If you have any great case stories on leadership that we can share (anonymized if you prefer), please get back to us.
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Updated Training Program
Our training program for open courses is being revised after the first 3 years. Some courses have been adjusted, some added, and some removed. Although they are listed as open courses, many of our customers choose to design their own programs with inspiration from these. All can be held as a company specific course, which gives the added benefit of your leaders building an internal network. Contact us for prices and timing.It goes without saying that all can be done as webinars according to the regulations and your preferences.Check out our Training Programs

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