Power Skills

Power is always a juicy subject because it can have a bad name and the potential to be abused, yet we can’t lead without it.  Having and handling power in the best possible way is a skill, not a talent. It can be trained and tamed if we seek and allow this. 

Great power skills often look like something as simple as great manners or good form. For example, treating others with respect, refraining from abusing your authority, listening more than you talk, and being approachable.

Another great power skill is not thinking too highly of yourself or thinking yourself superior to others, particularly those further down in your organisation. We should always acknowledge that apart from controllable factors such as hard work, training, education and drive, uncontrollable factors such as timing and luck play a role in everyone’s careers – yours as well. Sometimes we get an opportunity just because we were at the right place at the right time. Sometimes people who work for us just didn’t cash in on that luck and timing yet, even though they may be more skilled than we are.

Regardless of your willingness to train and improve your power skills, there are the times when we have to use our power to do things that may seem unkind.