Key Topics

  • SHIELD’ing yourself and keep your power all day
  • Practical exercises
  • SHIELD’ing others without being drained
  • Mindfulness and questions/topics for further refelction 

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"The SHIELD yourself course was truly inspiring and unlike any leadership course I have ever taken. I learned so much in just one day that I can use right away. It is an needed reminder of how import it is to work in a balanced way and the difference it makes for yourself and your team."

Tonia Sideri
Head of Advanced Analytics, Novozymes

Shield Yourself -
Efficient Personal Leadership

How does your selfcare routine look, when you are at work? Are you good at taking care of yourself?

Or are you a busy, ambitious leader, project leader or indirect leader, who is always looking out for others? Someone who always has a lot of energy to give to everyone else around you, but forgets to charge yourself during the day – If so, this is the course for you.

During this course you will learn hands-on techniques to SHIELD yourself and your team in an constructive and productive way. The focus is not to slow down, but to maintain your inner peace during a hectic workday or the stress of a big project. 

The course is a combination of theory, teaching, and physical exercises so you get both what to do, how to do it and what it feels like when you do it. We do this to equip you to handle any situation with surplus energy and overview, and to help prevent burnout.

Target Group: This course is mainly directed at anyone with leadership responsibility, project management responsibility or in a position using indirect, influential leadership. You take deadlines super seriously and have high ambitions for yourself, your team and your colleagues. We will work with practical tools to increase and maintain your own power during your workdays.