Summer Flirts?

Summer is upon us, which in the Northern hemisphere normally means time off work. Such time off work can be intriguing and inspiring and often makes us reflect on our lives, ourselves and our careers. Headhunters often experience a higher interest on jobs posted over the summer or right after, simply because people have time to reflect.

What does that mean for you as a leader? Apart from your own considerations for your career, you should also consider how happy are your people? What is the level of job satisfaction on your team? How likely are they to get a bit flirtatious over the summer, imagining working in a better place, with something more interesting or more rewarding, or working for a better boss?

We tend to join companies and leave bosses. The first line of defense in keeping the people on your team is you and your leadership – or lack thereof. If the turnover on your team is high, chances are that you are not that great to work for. So, moment of truth: Do you have a solid relationship with your team or should you worry they may be summer flirting with new opportunities?

If the answer is as scary as the question, maybe it’s time to step up, improve your leadership and their morale, so you can send them safely on their holiday, trusting that they will come back rested, ready and highly motivated.