"Stress, depression, and resilience are not solely a matter of individual responsibility - it is, to a much greater extent, a matter of leadership."

Elize Dimare & Johnny Sørensen
in Berlingske Business

Boost Your Leadership

Could someone on your team be in the danger zone of stress? Would you like to be able to create a more robust work place, creating better performancing without burn-outs? Then this is the course for you.

Stress is spreading linke an epidemic at obsenely high costs for both people and organizations. Unfortunately many stress cases are caused by misguided leadership. But you can change that. When we avoide stress everybody profits. Employees, Leaders, organizations & owners, as well as society at large.

This full-day course will teach you efficient and stress preventive leadership from the Fire & Shield methodology. You’ll understand the underlying mechanisms behind stress and how misguided leadership can create insecurity, worry and concern within an employee. You will also get a range of practical tools and techniques to create clarity, trust and transparity, which will give the people on your team calm and energy to focus on their tasks. Everything can be used straight away.

If you are working with HR, you’ll learn techniques to help and guide your leaders in preventing stress.

The day will be a mix of training modules, group exercises, and casework. We practice the new tools together, using each other for sparring. You’ll get tips & tricks to adjust your leadership style, creating clarity and emotional safety. At the end of the day you’l be a sharper, less stress-inducing version of yourself.